Tips from 3 man Mover for Moving Heaving Furniture

3 man mover

When you are relocating somewhere the biggest hurdle you can come across is moving heavy furniture. Just moving won’t be sufficient, you have to pack and unpack them properly so that everything stays safe. You can hire 3 man mover to do this job, they are excellent at it. You can also use these simple tips and tricks to relocate heavy furniture.

Move tall items first

A tall dressing table, drawer, or Almirah can be the most difficult to shift. Chances are they refuse to go through your bedroom door. So for this, you can opt for a 2man mover. One person will hold it at an angle from the top and another person will pick it up and support it from the bottom. If you can go for 3 man mover it can be more useful. As the 3rd person can monitor and guide you while moving out the furniture from your house.


This maintains the weight centered and prevents the object from swinging out of control. Transporting the object up or downstairs is also simplified because the carrying angle generally corresponds to the slope of the stairs. Once you got them out of your house now move on to the next step:

Chairs ‘hooks’ around the corner

A big easy chair might be the polar opposite of a portable. Take a cue from professional movers and “hook” big chairs around corners. Turn the chair on its side to form an “L,” then back-first into the doorway. Then coil (hook) it around the doorframe and slip it through. If you find it a lot then you always have the option of hiring 3 man mover. One more important thing to remember when moving such big furniture is to always take one piece of furniture at a time and don’t leave it at your doorstep. Once furniture is moved from your house, disassemble it and immediately load it in the truck. And only after that, you can move on to the next piece of furniture.

Move couch

If you ever need to move a couch down a corridor and through a door, you may find it difficult to carry it diagonally and rotate through the room. Use this hack, specially curated from an expert 3 man mover, and use it, so that at least you won’t hurt your back. Place the couch on its one end and slide through the doorway to enter your hall room. Repeat the same process to move it from your hall room to the outside. If you tilt it a tad bit then you should be able to move it easily. Start the top away from the door to get several inches of clearance if it’s a little taller than the door opening.

Lifting straps AKA Shoulder Dolly

A tool that may help you when moving heavy furniture is Shoulder Dolly or lifting straps. According to professional 3man movers, it helps them to move multiple items at once. They may lift the load off your shoulders by utilizing tension and big muscular groups. The strap gives your hand the freedom to move freely. They can, though, be difficult to operate upstairs since the weight moves fully to the downwards movers.

Always slide

Furniture slides are available in a variety of sizes and shapes at home improvement stores and online. You may also create your personal sliding out of plastic container covers, Rubber balls, duvet covers, moving blankets, towels, and carpet remnants. For carpeting, utilize hard plastic sliders and soft, cushioned sliders for hard floors. Carrying things out takes too much time and energy. You might get tired halfway through the process. Dragging is also not a good idea. First of all, it creates unwanted chaos and might ruin your flooring. Especially when you live on rent you definitely do not want to pay an extra compensation charge to your landlord. So the best way to get all the heavy furniture out of your house is sliding. It saves time, energy, and money. 


Disassemble furniture as much as you can

When squeezing a recliner through a doorway, keep in mind that you can always remove the feet to make them a few inches smaller. Remove any and all knobs, storage boxes, racks, stackers, and legs from any piece of furniture you want to make sleeker or lighter.


So what do you think, you can do this all by yourself? If you are wise your answer is no. So it is highly recommended that professional 3 man mover do their job. Contact moving company Katy TX to hire the best quick movers in Houston to make your relocation easy. 


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