Red Flags to Watch Out For While Hiring Movers in Pearland TX

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Avoiding moving scams should be a primary concern when hiring the best mover in Pearland, TX, whether you’re relocating across town or across the nation. Otherwise, you risk being worried, bankrupt, and evicted from your home.


Thankfully, if you know what to look for, rogue mover, moving scams are easy to recognize. They prefer to entice clients with pricing estimations that are too good to be true. They may also be lacking in a license, insurance, and a professional manner. So, before you hand over your money to a faux, best over in Pearland, TX, look for these warning flags while interviewing movers.

The red flags are:

They’re not properly licensed

The last thing you want to do is choose a fraud mover pretending to be the best mover in Pearland TX, that isn’t fully licensed. If you hire movers for an interstate relocation, they need to be licensed by the US Department of Transportation. In order to search them up in the FMCSA’s system, request their USDOT number. Bear in mind that regional movers that transfer customers in the same region are not regulated by the US Ministry of Transportation. Rather, they will be governed by the state. So, if you’re using local movers, be sure they’re officially licensed in your state.


They’re not insured

If your hired moving company isn’t insured, it’s usually a dead giveaway that they aren’t real movers. Skilled movers should be insured in design to safeguard themselves from any lawsuits and to reimburse consumers for any damaged items. If their company isn’t insured, you can guarantee the movers won’t be able to reimburse paying clients (i.e. you) for the loss of your belongings.


A too good to be true estimate

If the moving company provides you with an estimate that seems too good to be true before viewing your stuff, it’s generally just that: too good to be true. They may give you a low figure at first, but by the conclusion of the move, they will have doubled or tripled your expenses. To provide you with a precise calculation and avoid moving scams, ensure that the moving company does either an in-person inspection or a video examination of your items.


They don’t offer valuation coverage

The best mover in Pearland, TX must provide valuable coverage to consumers in order to secure their valuables. While this isn’t the same as moving security, it does make the mover liable for at least a portion of your shipment. As per the FMCSA, nationwide movers must provide two forms of liability coverage: Full Value Protection and Released Value. If you’re moving company has failed to provide valuation coverage, then be very sure that they are a total fraud.


The moving reviews are bad

While a few unfavorable reviews are to be expected, an assault of negative reviews is hard to overlook. Pay close attention to review sites as well as word-of-mouth suggestions from your friends. The fraud moving company may publish lies as their review on their webpage, so don’t believe just that. Go to Google and search for a trusted review website. Most likely you are going to get the most honest opinion from there. 


They only offer non-binding estimates

If the moving firm only provides non-binding estimates rather than binding or binding not-to-exceed estimates, you should walk away. This might be an indication that the mover plans to take advantage of you. A non-binding estimate is a quotation given the weight of your goods. Your exact pricing, however, will be determined by the actual weight of your items. This makes it simple for movers provide you with a rough figure at the start, just to deliver you an unexpectedly hefty bill at the end. Instead, pick a moving company that provides either one binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed range, which ensures that the expenses of your relocation do not surpass the initial cost assessment.

This advice didn’t come from anywhere, it has been recommended by those who suffered from the fraud and then learned from it. So the next time you go to hire any moving company no matter what they claim, check for these red flags. If you found none of them, then you can hire the best mover in Pearland TX. However, we have been a reliable moving company for years. So you can check out our moving company Katy TX, 3 man mover service also.

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