1. Do I need to get boxes, shrink wrap, moving pads, etc.? We can provide those: we have boxes for sale. Shrink wrap and moving pads are included in our service.
  2. Do I need to pack everything beforehand? Yes, however we can do that for you for a fee.
  3. What about my TV/glass items? Please have your TVs and all glass items pre-packed. For us to pack your TV or glass items, there is a fee. If you need us to take your TV off its mount, we can for an additional fee. However, we will not take down the mount nor will we put the TV nor the mount up at the new home. 
  4. Do you disassemble and assemble furniture? Yes, this service is included.
  5. How should I pay? We accept cash and all major credit cards.
  6. Is there a deposit? Yes. We require a $100 upfront deposit, which will be applied towards your final invoice. No move is confirmed without a deposit.
  7. How big are the moving trucks? We drive standard box trucks (8×26 ft and 7×16 ft)


Things to do Before You Move with Bantu!


  1. Moving can be hectic. We want to help make it better. Moving dates can change, and we will try to accommodate your needs. To really help keep things smooth, there is no additional charge for the first date change.
  2. Please have all your items packed beforehand, we will not be moving loose items. We offer a packing service, but that would need to be discussed and decided upon before moving day.
  3. Clean out your refrigerators & freezers for us, prior to your move. We will disconnect and reconnect the appliances (including electrical washers & dryers). Sorry, we cannot disconnect any gas appliances.
  4. We will shrink wrap the drawers closed on furniture (like those on dressers) before moving the items, so they don’t have to be emptied. However, please remove any breakable or valuable items from the drawers.