Moving Policy & Limits of liability


Your Moving Crew will arrive with hand trucks, shoulder dolly carrying straps and tools.  

Professional grade furniture blanketing will also be used to protect your items with purchase of our relocation service.

  1. The customer or his/her representative must be present during the start of the move and final “walkthrough”. For hourly rate services, our time runs continuously until all of your service needs are completely satisfied, our tools and equipment are back in our vehicle(s) and payment is completed. We accept cash, money orders, company checks, credit/debit cards (3.5% processing fee on all electronic payments). WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  2. For all moves, you must pay the booking deposit with a credit/debit card. The remaining balance due must be paid at completion of your job before we leave the premises and all sales are final. Any damages must be noted on our damage report during the final “walk-through” and pictures must be taken with our company camera before we leave the job. In the event of any payment processing issues, i.e. failed processing, declined payment, etc., either voluntary or involuntary (unless previously arranged with us), payments must be made before crew leave the premises. Any balance remaining after agreement will incur a late fee or up to 3 times the amount owed.
  3. Our company’s liability for lost or damaged items is limited to $.60 per pound per article (maximum of 167 lbs.) unless additional insurance has been purchased by the customer. The right is reserved by our company to repair or replace any damaged item(s). If damage occurs we will at our discretion repair the item(s) or compensate for its depreciated value or $.60 per pound, whichever is the lesser of the two.
  4. Any unpaid balances require payment in full before a claim can be submitted or filed.
  5. We reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the move at an agreed upon time, and so do you without liability of any kind, if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to, rain, snow, ice, etc… If you feel the weather will have an impact on the conditions of loading or unloading sites please call us right away. Uncovered stairs or slippery walk ways, for example, are cause for cancelation or rescheduling services.
  6. We reserve the right to send extra men to complete a job if the job were under booked during the original phone assessment. Although no one can predict just how long your move will take, with adequate details of your inventory and home terrain, we can prepare for any situation. It’s absolutely essential for you to provide the following complete details when booking your services.
  • Provide all logistical data relevant to your relocation: address, Phone number, date and time you need to move.
  • Describe in detail and provide the number of stairs inside and outside of your home.
  • Describe any item over 200lbs.
  • Describe the terrain and distance between parking and entry ways to access articles.
  • Provide a complete inventory of furniture, appliances, and boxes to be moved.
  • Any other relevant information the movers will need to know in order to move you smoothly.
  1. We do not move upright and large pianos upstairs. If the piano has light weight legs (usually the front), we will not be responsible if they will not go back on if we take them off (sometimes the nut is loose inside the piano and will turn when you try to replace the leg). Our movers will move your pianos, appliances, and items over 200 lbs. if indeed the work can be done safely. We will not do anything we feel is unsafe in any way.
  2. You may move your own glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc. yourself. If you will be packing your own boxes, please remember to include TV’S, lamp shade, wall art, mirrors, and mattress cover as these item will not be load into the truck if not protected. All of your contents need to be properly packaged/wrapped into boxes or cartons. We can wrap fragile items with furniture pads for protection but our liability limits any compensation when the customer has failed to properly pack said fragile items. If customer fails to properly pack fragile items, customer assumes all risks and responsibility for any damages.
  3. By law we are not permitted to transport highly flammable substance in the truck .This includes fuel of any nature, flammable oils, alcohol, and contents under pressure.
  4. We are often asked to perform tasks that border on the impossible. Our company will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to: standing pieces on end, sharp turns, overcrowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., You will be asked to sign a waiver if we agree to attempt a move that we deem unsafe or unreasonable.
  5. If you are moving locally, we may agree to move perishable items if they are properly packed and require no servicing, but we will not be responsible for any damages.
  6. Our company shall in no way be responsible for the working condition of electronic equipment, grandfather clocks, or any other piece of mechanical/electrical equipment (MCU/mechanical condition unknown). Since we do not know the mechanical condition of certain items or appliances, we only assume responsibility for items that receive visual damage due to our service. Our company does not cover the internal damage of furniture or objects that are not externally damaged, or visible at the time of the move and that are an unavoidable part of transportation of that particular object or furniture i.e. electrical goods. As these objects may be faulty prior to removal no matter how carefully they are handled.
  7. When moving household items, our company has found deterioration occurs over time due to age/heat/dry rotting. Mattresses lump and disfigure upon disturbing, lamp shades, lamp bases and wiring also become brittle and rotten. If you wish, we will move them carefully, but will not be responsible for damage of deteriorated items. If due to an inherent weakness in a piece of furniture (i.e. defect, prior repair, unstable construction) if damage occurs, you understand that we will not be liable for any damage(s) to that piece.
  8. Our company will not disconnect or connect washer/dryer, water lines or ice makers. Please disconnect all electronics and major appliances prior to your moving day. For the safety of your appliance, it’s recommended that you drain any water from hose, defrost and air out insides of refrigerators and freezers, and allow them to be turned off for at least 24 hrs. Prior to be moved.
  9. Liability is limited to $50.00 for damage to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces, in the event that we cannot correct the situation ourselves. We reserve the right to attempt to mend damages to said areas first. Liability limit may be raised by written agreement of both parties prior to move. We are not responsible for unprotected flooring.
  10. Moving policy in regards to furniture assembly, and particle board/simulated wood products/ready to assemble furniture: since these items are not structurally created to be moved once assembled, we will not repair or replace these items if they are damaged by our services. Particle board/simulated wood/ready to assemble furniture products and pressed board have poor structural integrity which does not lend itself to moving or repair. We will move these items carefully but cannot be responsible for damage of said furniture. These items are excluded from any and all moving insurance coverage.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse work in the event that our movers arrive and find the working conditions to be hazardous for their health or safety, including but not limited to; fecal matter, urine, excessive animal hair and dander, excessive dust, mold or mildew, strong urine or musty odor(s), presence of rats/mice, roaches, fleas, bed bugs or other pest infestation, faulty steps or staircases, non-cleared path ways, floors or walk ways, any situation deemed to be a risk to injury, domestic disputes or any violent activity presented upon the work site. In any of these situations, our moving team and our office reserve the right to consider a fair hazardous condition fee rather than refusing the job outright. Any hazardous condition fees may apply per mover and will be added to the total cost of the bill.
  12. All deposits and sales are final and non-refundable. If you need to cancel services or reschedule, we will honor your deposit for up to a month.