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Valuation Coverage - Bantu Mover Professional Movers in Texas

Bantu Mover is Fully Licensed & Insured

A good truck, a good crew, and a good packing job are your best assurances, but unfortunately, despite great care, accidents do happen. We at Bantu Mover, insure the goods of all our customers, although we are not insurance agents and therefore can’t sell insurance.

Pricing & Plans

Our Charges are Super Simple

$0 basic coverage

Basic Protection
$0.60/lb maximum coverage
  • This is a lower level of protection provided at no additional cost beyond the base rate;
    however, it provided any minimal protection that considerably less than the average value of households goods.
$50 or $10k worth of coverage
Full Value Protection
For $10,000 Full Value Protection Coverage, you pay $50 for a $500 deductible*
  • This is the most comprehensive plan available for the protection of your goods. *
Maximum 150k coverage
3rd Party Protection

  • Bantu Mover Moving partners with 3rd party providers. In the event you need more than our Full Value Protection for any moving services, please inquire with your Bantu Mover Moving Specialist about your needs.

Basic Value Protection

This comes free with the move and values your furniture at $.60 per pound, per article. For example, if a 460-pound stereo component valued at $1,000 was destroyed, the moving company would be liable for no more than $276 . Additionally, the age and depreciation of the items are considered in the settlement of claims. If you’d like extra protection, please consider contacting your representative to discuss additional coverage.

Full Value Protection

Full Value Coverage is not automatically provided. If purchased, it cannot be added or dropped once the crew starts your move. This option will safeguard your shipment for its full value, and any deductible applies to the customer and not to Bantu Mover. This extra coverage must be declared/approved before the job starts. An approval code must be obtained from Bantu Mover management before any extra coverage/deductible will become valid.  Contact your representative for rates and more information.

Before securing additional insurance for your move you should be aware that most home-owners and renter’s insurance policies cover moving damages. Thus we always recommend that you check your home-owner’s or renter’s insurance policy prior to your move.

Despite your mover's best efforts, your full shipment valued $10,000 arrives damaged.

The moving company pays you:

460Ibs x $0.60 = $276

$10,000 – $500 deductible = $9,500

What happens if you need to file a claim?

Our movers are encouraged to document any damage incurred, so that we can immediately begin working on finding a solution, be it a replacement or repairing the damage.

If you discover any damage or missing items, we encourage you to reach out to our Claims department either by emailing or calling us at 281.520.2301. We may ask for photos and valuations declared, and take action upon receiving the necessary information.